Big Summer promotino 15th Aug-

First visit Campaign 
15th Sep-15th Oct  

A: Medical Aroma Detox Body + Aroma Head Massage
80 minutes $800 →$ 650
We will improve malfunction with high quality medical grade essential oil.
+ Head  scalp massage!

B: Medical Aroma Facial + Back Aroma Oil Massage
80 minutes $900→$ 700
Clay pack containing high quality essential oil face massage and whitening ingredients
I am improving the tired skin of the summer with a cream pack.
It is a menu that relaxes the mind and body, unraveling the stiffness of the stiff back

C: Meridian adjustment treatment (Monter Therapy )body + body  bandage
80 minutes  $1100 →$ 950
🌟 Option: Montehead Massage + $ 200 (It is possible while winding bandage)
I check the misalignment of the body and adjust the meridians.
By adjusting meridians, not only body lines,
The workings of internal organs, the surroundings of Ki will be better,
the spiritual balance will be adjusted.
The pelvic bandage has the function of registering the position of the meridian after adjustment.

D: Meridian adjustment face treatment (Monter Serapy face)
 + aroma back massage
🌟 Monther  Face has Monthe head Massage.
85 minutes $1200→$1000 
While relaxing with the fragrance of aroma, unravel the stiffness of your back,
Improve your facial misalignment and sagging when your mind is relieved
Make Monter facial
Skin quality was also improved, and by returning to the original position, deviation of the jaw, tooth engagement,
Stiff shoulder, eyesight etc are also improved.

E: Summer Maintenance Treatment
Whitening · beautiful skin aroma facial treatment
+Monter therapy Head Massage
+ Monte Pelvic correction body (upper body only)
 Treatment centering on heart weakness in the summer.
90 minutes$1600→ $ 1200 -
In the summer, upsetting and frustrating body and face ,,
It is recommended menu.
Use plenty of active ingredients (vegetable) effective for whitening and beautifying skin
Aroma facial
In the Monte Therapy which practices meridians that are weak in the summer,
Let's survive the hot weather!

Business Hour 
: Monday - Saturday (including holidays) 9:30 to 20:30(7pm last)
:Sunday -14pm to 18 pm(Reservation on Sunday until 48 hours in advance)
:Closed : irregular
Reservations are accepted 24 hours in advance.
Reservation on the day is not accepted.
Cancel policy:
Please contact cancellation by 24 hours in advance.
Cancellation on the day will be charged 100% cancellation fee.

Payment  cash only

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E-mail to:
tel 2577-0533
9D,Vienna Mansion. No.55 Paterson St. Causeway Bay.